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Jason Silva explains this phenomenon in 2m30s


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I am moved to tears quite easily. music, poetry, prose, films, a glance, a string of words, a particular touch, a sound, a smell, an action.

I collect love letters; published anthologies of love letters from notable people in history – poets, playwright, politicians, composers, scholars, philosophers, teachers, lovers and friends.  They write in a style and with a sentiment that is much different to that of the current day.  More expressive, more heartfelt, more sincere.

Inside I am very sensitive, selectively vulnerable, a person who has been known to pine on more than one occasion, an old soul, an onion.  Sometimes I feel as though I belong to a different time where I would read and write and pose for portraits.  When I feel, I feel deeply… in search of kindred spirits.

Perhaps you are like me?  If so, you will appreciate the posts to come.  If not, I welcome you to a  collection of hopeless romanticism.


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… and Victor Hugo once wrote that ‘Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad’.

Is it true that there are those who actually enjoy tears, or a heavy heart?

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